Advertising and Sales

Worry less about your budget

Not all magazines we produce are sold; some are given away – for events, for customers or for extending the reach of a brand. Regardless of its distribution, it is crucially important that the commercial viability is planned as part of the project. It’s not necessarily the case that the cover price would cover the costs to publish the title. All magazines need to be financially successful to secure a future.

Advertising and sponsorship

Magazines are a great medium for promoting products and services. This advertising income doesn’t just have to cover publishing costs; it could also become profitable in its own right. In fact, some of our magazines are only freely distributed because of the advertising income and sponsorship opportunities.

You need to strike a balance. Quality content is key and, while advertising financially supports the title, the aim is to effectively deliver their message to your qualified readership. Readers rarely respond well to publications that are heavy on advertising.

Generally, publishers would possess great understanding of their marketplace and have the relationships with their advertisers to source revenue to finance their publication. However, for those who find it difficult to commit time or simply find it challenging, then we can offer advice to point you in the right direction.

Regardless of whether you only have a production budget, or have aspirations of an income, planning how to cover the cost of publishing – and hopefully make a profit – is critical in the early stages of the process. Our free initial consultation can point you in the right direction, or we can take some of the pressure from you as part of our package.

Engage with distributors early to ensure healthy sales

Before a drop of ink is used, and preferably before the production process whirrs into action, you will need a solid plan for publishing your magazine. You need to speak to the right distributors and find the right access to the right markets. It should never be assumed that high profile magazine outlets will stock a completely new magazine on their shelves. Working through a helpful distributor will allow early planning of where your magazine will be sold, which will help determine its circulation and therefore its likely success.

We have strong links with a number of excellent distributors, so we can provide advice about how to engage with them.

Please kindly note, our sales personnel are UK based. We’re happy to serve US-based clients if GMT/BST office hour timezones are convenient.