How much does it cost to design a magazine?

by Dean Cook, May 9, 2016
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So, how much does it cost to create, design and produce a magazine? Naturally, this is the most common question we hear, but it can also be the most difficult to answer.

Our professional magazine design and production service are available from £9 per page. We’re not just going to offer a fictional carrot-dangler — that’s just not our style. However, for this level of pricing, it is likely to be based on finalised copy supplied by the client and apply content to pre-formatted text-only reports so we can swiftly generate PDF files for its intended output as we currently do with a some of our business and financial publishers.

The simple fact is there are many variables to consider. We would love to offer set pricing, but one price doesn’t fit all. Instead, we prefer to discuss what your aims are and have a chat with a free initial consultation.

If you would like a ballpark price, then simply supply as much information as possible, such as the content format; structure; pagination; size; advert/editorial split; and how many adverts we may need to design per issue. The more information, the better. Even knowing that we would be working alongside a professional editor could help reduce the price. Why not take photos of magazines you like the look of – anything to give us a better picture on what you hope to achieve?

If your publication carries text-only then this would naturally take less time to produce than an image-led fashion page containing, say, 12 obscure-shaped images that all require clipping (cutting out), colour-balancing, positioning and then flowing in and formatting the copy around the images while maintaining overall consistency.

Either way, we will work out the overall time we would expect each issue take to produce. We would divide that time by the total amount of pages to gain an average of which the price-per-page would be applied. We can then fix so you can budget ahead with confidence. You would then just multiply the page rate with the total amount of pages for that issue.

The only other cost to consider is the initial magazine development to produce the master pages (template). We would be happy to offer an estimate if you would like to contact us.

The only other onward financial considerations from a production point of view, would be the use of royalty-free images, hiring an illustrator and any additional work outside the original remit (however, if it doesn’t take too long, we would usually do it at no extra cost).

As a footnote; this industry isn’t regulated or offers industry-wide accreditation so it is open to all to try their hand at being a magazine designer. To design a publication is one thing, but to construct it correctly for commercial printing is quite another.

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