How to best create, design and produce a programme or show guide for your public event, conference or trade expo?

by Dean Cook, May 19, 2020
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Despite digital technology, print still very much plays a vital role to convey essential information with instant ease for visitors to public events, conferences and trade shows. It can be kept as a memento, souvenir or simply a product visitors refer back to for further information once the show is over. So, what’s the best way to create one?

In the digital world of free comes digital boundaries and limitations. These can include little support, restrictive drag-and-drop functionality with limited features to personalise. You could redo work because the result wasn’t what you had hoped simply absorbing your time when you could be concentrating doing what you do best.

The method for many is to attempt to do it themselves to save money when, more often than not, it does the opposite and delivers poor visual presentation and can impact how your potential visitors view your event. It shouldn’t take endless hours, nor cost the earth. In fact, it could pay for itself, and this is where we step in.

Working with a dedicated production artist who has a wealth of event experience can:

  • Deliver your aims quickly, efficiently and effectively
  • Convey your content quickly, efficiently and effectively
  • Maintain brand consistency or step up your visual appeal
  • Use experience to offer ideas to deliver your product better
  • Offer advice to steer you around pitfalls you are likely to encounter
  • Suggest cost-saving techniques, such as content optimisation
  • Provide continued support from the brief to product delivery
  • Help with how to present sponsors within the publication to maximise revenue
  • Aid ideas to convey key information and how it should be formatted
  • Offer print guidance and assist with print quotations
  • To prepare a digital version if desired

The list continues but, to maximise its potential, do enlist assistance as there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Programmes and show guides can generate revenue

Programmes and guides should be viewed as a revenue generator, and costs can cover itself, whether through sponsorship or from a cover price for visitors to keep as a souvenir.

Despite our name, the function to produce event programmes and show guides is fundamentally the same. We have worked closely with numerous events from local sports and public events, airshows and European trade expos over the years to deliver a variety of different products on time and in budget.

Whether you require 200 copies of an 8pp A5 sports event or a trade show guide you want to be proud to place in front of your blue-chip clients, no job is too large for us to manage.

Doing more for your exhibitors

For many clients and exhibitors, we also provide competitively priced design and print services which can be handled as a direct service or white labelled. You choose. We’re here to support your clients too.

As every client has different requirements, why not drop us a line and see what we can do for you and maybe throw a couple of ideas in for good measure? Contact us by click here.

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