What are our advantages over magazine freelance designers or design agencies?

by Dean Cook, September 8, 2016
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Are you looking for the ideal magazine design and production solution but need a clearer idea who can offer you the best option at the right price? Would it be our dedicated magazine production service, a freelance designer, or a design agency?

Freelancers often work from home; while this keeps overheads down and no additional people to pay for, what would happen if they are ill or on holiday? Could your business come to a grinding halt if they are not available? Could you access the files to continue? Also, what contingencies are in place if they become double-booked or experience bottlenecks – can they still meet your deadlines?

Also, a prevalent issue found by commercial printers is that 80% of designers are not readily able to supply compliant print files for commercial printing. Read more here. Has the freelance designer worked in a prepress department of a printing company and fully understand the technicalities of commercial printing?

Do you have a few titles but the thought of sharing work out amongst different freelancers using various methods and standards offer concerns?

With many larger magazine design agencies, do you find yourself playing Chinese whispers with the account manager, or third person, who will then  speak to the designer to employ your requests and changes. How long does this take?

From the moment you approve the pages for printing, how long does it take to get the pages queued for plating?

How is it different with us?

Well, firstly, our rates are on par, if not under, freelance rates as we optimise production time and share publications amongst our dedicated team ensuring no-one is under pressure to complete other titles at the same time – especially during busier periods of the month. It’s all down to planning. All our clients deserve dedicated time, and that’s what we offer.

We can keep on working — If one of our team members has unexpectedly been taken ill, we can move files to another colleague who can then take up the reigns and still be able to get your magazine to print.

We can spread the workload — If you have two or three titles, then we can spread across our team all working to the same practices and standards, and you would have direct contact with them. I suppose you could look at us as being a co-operative all having the necessary publishing, design and prepress experience sharing ideas and practices to find ways to do things better, faster and more accurately.

We invest in our tools — many freelancers, and even larger design agencies try not to spend money updating software or hardware too often. To us, to invest where we can allow’s us to remain efficient. For the client means we can swiftly turn around artwork within reduced time-frames, in turn, keeping our rates down.

We only supply sound files for print — processing every single image, advert and checking all text does take time and is a fundamental practice of ours but it ensures flawless artwork is delivered to print every time. No time is wasted later correcting all the technical issues that prepress has highlighted on print deadline.

We don’t have account managers or administration staff — instead, you have direct personal contact with our magazine designer. We prefer our clients to talk to the magazine designer directly — this, in itself, saves an enormous amount of time and money — especially when a change is so minor.

We only upload to files to print once the last page has been approved. This means we can collectively upload all files in one hit, technically approve and have the pages ready and queued for plating in an hour or so – even less for smaller magazines.

In short, we are an experienced team producing pages to professional standards for commercial printing for a variety of clients. We work to realistic time-frames and budgets.

If you would like to hear of further benefits then why not give us a call on 01273 911730 or contact us here.

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