The advantages of publishing a digital magazine

by Dean Cook, September 29, 2016
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Why not publish your title as a digital magazine? If we produce your title, then we can do this at no extra cost.

There has been a lot said in the industry about digital magazines replacing print over recent years, but, in all honesty, we have found digital publications really complement printed matter and vice versa. Still, it can reach under the noses of potential readers through social media marketing.

However, to simply simulate a multi-paginated A4 magazine through a small screen of the majority of devices can quickly turn potential readers off. We look into more details in this article.

If applied correctly, a digital-based publication can exercise digital broadcast channels to reach a broader audience in turn aid as a marketing tool to help promote your brand and the premium printed magazine within your publishing armoury.

Okay, not everyone has a tablet, but it can be notoriously tricky to navigate your way through an A4-sized magazine on a screen the size of, well…a smartphone, but at least getting your magazine out into the digital universe can help attract new readers if you market it further.

Is your magazine free to readers?
If you are offering content free to your audience, then it is a must. You should be able to exercise the digital medium to complement the printed counterpart sharing it across social media, emails and, of course, your website. Adding links to other websites, or even embedding video, will add value for your readers but your advertisers too. 

Adding links to other websites, or even embedding video, will add value for your readers but your advertisers too. 

Is your magazine a paid-for title?
Subscribers can pay the cover price to read the magazine online or be able to download a copy for reading later; however, we have found the response from the reader using this method to subscribe is low. Instead, favouring to read the magazine delivered by post.

What else can you do? Create a shortened free-to-read variant of the title by limiting the number of pages and content to match the low attention span of digital reader behaviour. It can then be used as a marketing tool to signpost readers to subscribe to its printed counterpart but your social media channels too.

What online solution should I use?
Having explored variety of accessible digital magazine options, we have strived to provide a solution which is practical, flexible, it is user-friendly, works on all devices and operating systems, it’s cost effective but, ultimately, be able to publish your magazine online in a very short amount of time with no further production work required.

The moment the magazine has finished processing, we can then supply you with a short link for social media sharing and emailing, but also provide an HTML code so it can appear on your website.

Would you like to know more? Why not drop us a line?

Give yourself, your company and your magazine the additional publishing power it deserves.

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