How to sell magazine advertising: top ten tips

by Dean Cook, April 4, 2017
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Magazine advertising sales has always been a critical area for any publication and, often found with the smaller paginated titles, it is the remit of the multi-tasking publisher to initiate and generate sales revenue and create those valuable relationships with advertisers. 

Here, Dean Cook offers ten top tips to help you gain advertising for your publication

  1. Identify the market: Look at businesses that would want to appeal to your readership.
  1. Identify your unique selling points (USPs): Why someone should advertise in your magazine?
  1. It’s a numbers game: The more phone calls, the more people you speak to, creates a greater chance of filling the publication.
  1. Prepare yourself for rejection: Don’t take it personally — some companies have very strict advertising budgets. You might have just called at the wrong time of year.
  1. Make a point to call again: Remember, to make another call is one step closer to someone who will say yes.
  1. Don’t sell immediately: Listen and establish what the potential customer wants to achieve with their marketing budget, then tailor the conversation to meet their needs and wants.
  1. Invest time to build relationships: Although they may not be ready to advertise now, you are likely to be top of the list to call if you have a friendly business relationship.
  1. Reputation is everything: don’t make promises you can’t keep. It might get you the deal today, but not fulfilling what they are expecting will lead to the customer not using you again and likely to spread the word among others.
  1. Do not undervalue your product: If a client asks for a discount always ask for something in return, for example, customer referrals, block/series bookings, prompt payment.
  1. Offer annual marketing packages: Niche businesses often don’t have a marketing department, so you could help broadcast their products/services with a mix of adverts and editorial in your magazine as well as actively involving their business in your social media activity. It could not only secure ongoing business but can attract other advertisers wishing to receive similar services. It can be made affordable by breaking down the cost over 12-monthly direct debits.

Outsourcing advertising sales services: a current problem for independent publishers.

To spend time selling can divert a lot of energy away from writing quality editorial content, servicing social media or dealing with the general day-to-day running of the business which can, in turn, impede financial growth. It’s this relationship you have built with advertisers which is so very important for your business. It is essential that time is allocated to service those who invest money in your publication. However, without suitable financial investment, access to advertising sales professionals remains extremely difficult to source.

To find a sales representative who fully understands your business, your marketplace and your readership, they would need to initially invest considerable time to find, establish and build future relationships. For the independent publisher who wishes to remain resourceful and pay for services only on results then this will always be a tough nut to crack. However, as every magazine is different, please do give us a call on 01273 911730 or contact us via our contact page. We can then see where you’re at, identify your goals and hopefully provide you with the answer of how to best get there.

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