Magazine printers capacity struggle

by Dean Cook, October 3, 2016
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Reaching the fourth quarter of 2016, we are hearing that magazine printers have reached capacity leaving publishers to seek alternative solutions that could result in paying more for print.

Some publishers have been left disappointed as they tried to secure a print slot only to find the print company are fully booked.

With fewer printing companies available today, compared to a decade ago, combined with a surge of new smaller independent magazine titles requiring refined print runs, has meant a greater demand for specialist print services at competitive prices.

With the likelihood that this may continue, available print capacity could be a more important factor over cost and, because orders may be placed with companies who wouldn’t be specifically geared for magazine print work, it could result in paying a higher price.

So publishers are not left disappointed, it is important to book a print slot as far ahead as possible — even if it is only a provisional schedule. It’s better to allocate the time required to print the magazine now rather than work to the moment artwork is uploaded.

Publishers often schedule production and print slots 12 months in advance, usually submitted every November. By planning ahead can gain priority over other client projects.

Here, at The Magazine Production Company, we are not affiliated with any printing company, rather than act as independent print advisors, therefore able to call upon print contacts to find capacity, using efficient equipment, in turn, able to maintain competitive prices.

If you unexpectedly find your printing company is fully booked, why not give us a call on 01273 911730 (UK print work only).

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