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Dean Cook

by Dean Cook, April 4, 2018
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April 2018: The Magazine Production Company, based in Sussex, UK, welcomes to its team Chris Cope – an accomplished expert in the art of advertising sales for magazines, show guides, bespoke publications and periodicals.

It now means for any client they can choose the complete end-to-end solution incorporating sales, editorial, production, print and distribution, or just choose any of the available services on offer without commitment.

Magazine advertising sales has always been a critical area for any publication. For many independent publishers, access to professional advertising sales services, that provides a personal touch for a price that fits within their budget levels, has always been a challenge — that is, until now.

As often found with independent publishers, it is usually the multi-tasking business owner to generate sales revenue because it isn’t financially viable to hire a sales person full-time. It can divert a lot of energy away from writing quality editorial content, servicing social media or dealing with the general day-to-day running of the business which can, in turn, impede financial growth.

In today’s publishing world many individual roles aren’t justified to be full-time positions — in particular with smaller paginated titles. Recognising this, sharing time across several clients can make for a very cost-effective solution. Additionally, being purely commission driven means no sale, no fee for the client.

Chris will even coordinate the chasing of copy for production and liaise directly with new advertisers who do not have access to design services to collate content for production to create the artwork for the advert.


There’s more to just selling

Chris said, “We believe in building relationships with both publisher and every advertiser. It’s not just about selling advertising space but taking ownership to understand the advertiser’s marketing aims to develop and deliver a marketing package. It’s this that aids success for everyone involved.”

Dean Cook, managing director of The Magazine Production Company, recognised that for the last several years it had been a necessity for some independent publishers to use a cost-effective advertising sales service, however, to source and supply a particular type of solution has been pretty much non-existent.

“By teaming up with Chris, we can now offer dedicated advertising sales to support any independent publisher. The client will now have, at their disposal, access to qualified advertising sales, publication editors, writers, journalists, proof-readers, magazine production artists, printers and distributors. They can now pick and choose which service(s) they wish to tap into to support them or just choose the complete end-to-end service with the personal touch from everyone involved. It’s having access to a professional team on a pay-as-you-go basis but delivering a better product at the right value.

“Our twist in offering a choice of services means that we can provide a very effective alternative to Contract Publishing without the associated costs or commitment. By being resourceful, the client can work with and realise the real costs of publishing by having direct contact with skilled professionals as and when they need. In turn, this can keep the client’s business at competitive and at financially viable levels.”

If any business is concerned with particular branding considerations then The Magazine Production Company have this covered too. Their white label service offers complete access to the same range of services however all communication and correspondence is set to the clients’ proprietary name. For our clients’ customers, they would see the look and feel of working under the brand of a well-oiled unified team.

Mainly serving UK clients, The Magazine Production Company also work with magazine publishers throughout Europe, Africa and the US.

For more information visit:, telephone: +44 (0)1273 467579.

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