Helping the numbers add up for your project

When you’re planning your new magazine project and you have decided from the start that you want to sell advertising space, we need to help you design and produce a product that meets those specific needs. Not only do advertisements need necessary space to exist, there are tips of the trade that will help decide where and when to display them in the magazine. We can help you with this. As an additional part of our service, we can advise you how to manage and deliver the advertising sales process.

Plan your advertising space carefully

As well as reaping a commercial benefit, well-planned advertising can actually work with your content. It can usefully fill space where content ends. It can also be used to support the content, creating a relationship that works for both the reader and the ads. We would always advise:

  • Decide early on if you need advertising to support your budget or simply to enhance your product
  • Quantify how much ad space you will offer and relate that to expected distribution, cost of advertisement space and your intended income
  • Decide which parts of your magazine will offer ‘premium’ ad space and which can be at a lower rate that might prove more accessible to a wider set of advertisers
  • Try and develop key ad partners at an early stage and offer them specific positions within the intended design that enhance their product or service
  • Plan packages with advertisers to ensure continued relationship
  • Offer to write unbiased material about their business, service or products
  • Ensure the service you deliver for your advertisers reaches your audience

Successful advertising is as much about the design and concept as it is about the execution. In order to avoid holding up a design because of advertising, decisions of design and concept need to be made early on. Then, you can choose to use our sales service if you need support for your marketing activities.

How we can help

Our expertise can support key parts of your advertising plan. We can help you divide your design into advertising space and consult with you on the best layout for your needs. We can also offer assistance with advertising sales where clients haven’t previously tackled advertising and need support and advice. Typically we offer several levels of potential support:

  • On each and every project we will work with your advertising plan and build ad space into the design to suit your needs
  • We will often provide advice and feedback on the use of ads within the project, specifically where the design of the advertising could potentially work in harmony with the content
  • Ensure advertisement artwork meets a required level of design to be included – this especially applies to more respected titles
  • Additionally, and if required, we offer the execution of outsourcing advertising sales to our specialists

Please kindly note, our sales personnel are based in the UK. We’re happy to serve US-based clients if GMT/BST office hours are convenient.