Editorial Services

Engaging and accurate content for your project


Our editorial service is all about helping you craft the best copy for your project. We can take your work and turn it into something that works beautifully on the page. Or, we can help you start your early draft and take it through to production quality.


Mapping words to pages

The first challenge is always to relate the amount of copy to a number of pages you wish to produce. Copy needs to be legible as well as interesting. So we need to know how much copy you have or intend to produce, early enough within the project that we can help you with layout and typography.

  1. You decide how many pages your magazine will have based on your aims and your budget
  2. Supply us with the copy you have produced or work with us early on to take your draft copy to broadcast standard
  3. We can then determine how many pages your copy will require, given your aims or our advice about suitable layout and typography


Accuracy and quality

For each and every client, we help map the desired copy to the planned production. However, we can also proof your content as an additional service. Not included in every project, the proofing of copy is critical to the success of your magazine once printed and distributed. Put simply, we can’t change what has been written once the magazine has gone to press (without the cost of a reprint). So, if you want to engage our proofing services, we can work with you to avoid mishaps.

  1. We can process all of your copy for basic spelling errors
  2. We can review the copy for grammatical errors and help with the ‘flow’ of the text
  3. We cannot correct for technical errors in the subject matter simply because we may not understand it like you do


It’s not just about the words

When you supply us your copy, and we can review it against your plans for your magazine. We can help and advise how to best to present it on the page. Editorial services are not limited to the words themselves; it is about choosing the right content and presenting it in an imaginative and enjoyable way. Some consideration can always be given to:

  • How should the copy be positioned within the magazine?
  • Do the pages of the magazine ‘flow’ in a way that encourages the reader to continue reading?
  • How can the typography be used to emphasise the topic or the messages within?
  • What visual elements can be used to support editorial copy; such as pictures and graphics?
  • Is the copy good enough, and if not, could a replacement or re-write be arranged?

Would you like help from the professionals?

Is broadcasting content important to you? You may want to consider hiring professional writers or even an editor for your publication. Hiring someone who knows what needs to be achieved and when it needs to be delivered, can remove the pain of delivering content for every issue.

We have a bank of professionals to hand including; John Hancock, Iain Robertson, Jackie Annett, Yasemen Kaner-White, Dan Tester, Andy Marshall and Rachel Roberts – all of whom have the expertise to produce your magazine to editorial standards expected by readers.


Alternative editorial content sources

If you’re looking for other options to gain editorial content, here are seven options worth considering.

Where can I find good editorial content?

We can’t be an expert in your magazine’s subject matter but we can be experts in how best to present your magazine. Our editorial services are optional but can help you craft a really polished and accurate end product.