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Aircraft IT

The Background

Aircraft IT is a global portal for information technology for partners, suppliers and buyers of aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and airline Operations (Ops).

The company provides two online-only publications covering each aspect of the industry.

The Challenge

The publisher of Aircraft IT wanted to provide key information as a packaged resource to provide opportunities for industry personnel to supply Case Studies and White Papers.

The main challenge is that the majority of its readers are constantly on the move globally and rarely operate from a single address; so, to print and deliver a magazine was far from the most effective solution for communication. Instead, they sought to create a publication available online with subscribers being notified when the next issue became available.

Quality in-depth Case Study and White Paper content was the primary function which ran alongside regular features, webinars and industry news. Being aware of limited attention spans with online publications, we set out to limit the number of pages to no more than 40, however, this could be extended with key features sitting a little further back to encourage readers through the publication.

Since all aircraft IT professionals generally carry a tablet for their day-to-day business, we formatted the publication on an A4 landscape. This was a great offset of being able to print off pages as and when required, but it also optimised well with a multitude of tablet devices; including the screens of laptops and desktop computers. Being in landscape allowed for wider columns, therefore, zooming in on content would avoid the need to invite clunky navigation.

Being mindful that download speeds could be limited in certain locations around the world, we set to optimise the resolution at 150ppi on export, however, we would primarily develop all the pages at the commercial print standard of 300ppi if ever the need to replicate the pages in print was ever required.

With online publications using HTML links, the magazine was marked up to allow direct access to external resources within the publisher’s website or directly to the websites of their advertisers.

Within a short period of time, the workflow between publisher, editor and ourselves is seamless – each acting as soon as each step is complete. Again, this is a pure remote way of working.

The Magazine

Aircraft IT MRO and Aircraft IT Ops are free-to-reader publications with advertising financially supporting the publisher, editorial, production and hosting.

Readers are located throughout the world and always on the move. Using the method of delivering packaged content as an eZine / flip mag meant the latest Case Studies, White Papers, features and news can be delivered globally in an instant.

The publishers continue to find ways of using both titles as tools; as a means to broadcast and access live webinars for instance. Full integration between the magazine and website has meant this publication has quickly become a recognised and reputable title within the world of aircraft MRO and airline operations.