Aluminium Times

The Background

Aluminium Times is one of many titles the publishing company has under its belt. All its titles had been serviced for many years by an experienced freelance typesetter using Quark XPress who was soon to retire from the business. This situation forced the publisher to seek alternative solutions.

The Challenge

From the initial meeting, we discussed, assessed and established a route. We were confident we could provide a smooth handover.

Naturally, the publisher would be looking at other options that included employing a full-time magazine designer or hiring an experienced freelancer. It became apparent that our expertise, our flexibility and our assurance that someone would always be on-hand in the event of illness/holidays whilst offering a very competitive rate seemed to be a natural choice.

Seeing there would be a change from Quark XPress to InDesign we offered complete reassurance that all file conversions would be visually identical with no changes in the way he was used to working; this conversion would be cost-effectively fulfilled using an external service.

Assessing the converted files we could see areas where workflow improvements and enhancements to the layouts could be employed; in addition, by making things tighter, it would also help to produce more aesthetically pleasing pages. Although the client was naturally reluctant to make any visual changes of any kind they felt a need to pursue this route. We provided reassurance that the overall branding, recognition, format and structure of all the magazines would remain as we would only be making visual ‘tweaks’ however we would be able to action greater enhancements within the background.

Having previously published their titles using conventional methods for so many years, we offered the client advice where needed and introduced a flat plan. While this was a learning curve, both proved to be invaluable to aid the structure and content positioning of each issue before production commenced; in turn, this enhanced control and quick decision making.

Today we are able to proceed through the pages with minimal communication with increased efficiency.

The Magazine

Aluminium Times is a bi-monthly industry publication aimed at the global primary and secondary aluminium producers, extruders and rolling mills as well as fabricators such as forgers and die-casting foundries.