Fifth Chukker

The Background

Fifth Chukker magazine is published by Fifth Chukker Polo & Country Club; a private-public partnership that represents the new in the old world of the equestrian sport of Polo in Nigeria.

Producing two issues a year, Fifth Chukker Polo & Lifestyle magazine offer brands an opportunity to connect with guests of the resort.

Seen as a branding exercise to deliver a wealth of informative content it has quickly gained a respectable foothold among readers and advertisers alike.

The Challenge

This is a unique challenge as contributors, the editor, the publisher, our production team and the printers are all located in different continents — many of whom have never met face-to-face but this doesn’t stop being able to publish a magazine to expected standards and within a refined budget.

Content is commissioned and organised by the editor who remains in close contact with us planning and adapting through production. By funnelling content allows for little cross communication enabling us to produce pages with ease and at a live level.

The proofing process is shared amongst key members of the team who are located here in the UK and in Nigeria.

As soon as the publication has been signed-off compliant PDF files are exported and dispatched via IP to the printers located 300 miles away. The artwork is processed at prepress. We then technically approve the pages remotely from our desks. The pages are then queued for plating. Approximately five working days later the magazines are shipped by air to the resort in Kaduna, Nigeria.

The client appreciates a need for quality reproduction and finds our production and print services located in the UK offers just that and for a respectable price too.

The Magazine

Fifth Chukker Magazine is a pictorially-led Polo & Lifestyle publication serving guests of the Fifth Chukker Resort in Kaduna, Nigeria.

With features sitting within the pages of a glossy 132pp magazine Fifth Chukker cover topics including charitable events, tournaments, business, people, art, destination, cuisine, sport, adventures as well as a Polo Club directory.