Resolution Magazine

The Background

Since 2002 the publisher embarked on publishing a pro-audio magazine for broadcast, post, recording and multimedia production. It is a very well-thought-out title taking into account high-density word counts, optimising final unit weight for international mailing and working to a highly-disciplined structure and format. Every element and process have been fully thought through; even the timings of distribution happen around key industry events to maximise its exposure. This formula really paid off.


The Challenge

Looking back to 2002, our challenge was to effectively turn around the pages from finalised content and high-resolution images and deliver a compliant PDF file for commercial printing with the client, production and printers being in different locations. Back then the only real means transferring large files was on CD.

In addition, the client required screen optimised versions of the magazine for viewing on computers bearing in mind this was several years before tablets and smartphones were launched.

We originally produced pages using Quark XPress, however, the creation of compliant PDF files could be temperamental and time-consuming, but our perseverance paid off. With key prepress knowledge, we remained using commercially known formats within artwork and workflow that enabled PDF files to be consistently created with reasonable speed, ease and stability.

The content was originally delivered in a disciplined and timely fashion. This encouraged little communication as editor and production artist instinctively knew how the other worked. This way of producing pages remotely worked exceptionally well. With the introduction of broadband and using FTP, it enabled the client to supply content securely and more instantly. This enabled us to act as soon as the content was ready.

This coefficient way of working meant the magazine could be turned round with ease, to professional standards expected by its readers, within budget and delivered to print to the predicted hour set many months before. Everything about this title was about efficiency, accuracy and justification. And this is a benchmark process we employ today.

Apart from the very first issue, we have crafted every magazine since – that’s some 120 issues and 8400 pages…and we’re still counting.

The Magazine

Resolution is a pro audio practitioner’s magazine because it is a unique package and have consistently created the agenda editorially and set the bar for quality.

The majority of Resolution readers believe it is editorially independent and it helps them with their job and their buying decisions. Their readers also conclusively prefer Resolution to the other audio magazines is a strong endorsement from the people who matter and it’s why the publication remains a unique marketing vehicle — it is trusted, read and kept.

We’ve always been proud to be associated with this well-respected magazine.