SportTech Journal

The Background

SVG Europe, which is part of Sports Video Group, supports the professional broadcasting community that uses video, audio, and broadband technologies to produce and distribute sports content.

SportTech Journal is their annual publication which was originally produced in the US, alongside other SVG Americas’ publications, however, the European group preferred to transfer production of this particular title to the UK so it could be produced within the same time zone.

The Challenge

A long-standing client introduced us and after initial discussions to establish a plan of action we swiftly proceeded to produce their first annual journal in 2015.

Copy chasing and collation of advertisements remained with the SVG team in the United States however, we would be responsible for checking that artwork met standards for commercial printing. With advertisements interlaced alongside the annual round-up of editorial content (being supplied from the UK and Ireland) we were mindful that the product aired a visual preference towards features.

Using previously edited content we were aware of the final word counts, therefore, able to execute an accurate flat plan prior to production which assisted with little attention being required at the proofing stage. The moment the product was approved for printing we exported compliant files to the printer based in the Netherlands.

The Magazine

The annual SVG Europe SportTech Journal is effectively a portal into 12 months of the group’s coverage of major sports events and related technology trends.

The publication delivers workflow insights from international sports events including the Olympic games, UEFA Euro 2016, Wimbledon, and European Rugby Champions. There are in-depth reports as well as detailed updates from all SVG Europe sponsors.