Zermatt Times

The Background

Zermatt Times is a magazine produced twice a year for the resort of Zermatt in Switzerland. Written in English and German, it caters for a variety of visitors to encourage the broadcast of local businesses and events. The high-quality imagery and content push the magazine away from being a local community-style publication and, as a result gains quality advertisers.

The Challenge

We were approached by a couple of expatriates living in Zermatt to assist with the design to produce a local lifestyle based publication using both English and German editorial – in effect laying out features in two languages.

We needed to achieve the balance of producing a quality publication in relatively refined numbers. Naturally, quality photography and content would heavily assist and applying our craft aided the final results.

In addition, they were keen to keep printing costs to a more realistic level and found it would be more cost-effective to print the publication here in the UK and dispatch the magazines to Switzerland than it would for them to print it locally. Either way, we could deliver artwork to any printer they requested.

Having a respected business relationship enabled all parties involved to turn around each issue effectively with minimal communication.

The Magazine

The magazine is a local lifestyle publication reaching out to English- and German-speaking tourists in Zermatt, Switzerland to boost local trade. A perception of quality content and images, whilst being mindful of time constraints and budgets prove magazines can cost-effectively be micro-published.

To support the printed publication, an eZine version of the magazine is also published online.