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So, you would like to start a new magazine?

March 9, 2020

Why are you here? Intrigued to find out the real costs to start a new magazine, or hoping to launch […]

by Dean Cook

Magazine design from just £9 per page…

June 8, 2017

Ever wondered why there are different magazine design costs? Well, Dean Cook can explain. The price of £9 per page* […]

by Dean Cook

What are our advantages over magazine freelance designers or design agencies?

September 8, 2016

Are you looking for the ideal magazine design and production solution but need a clearer idea who can offer you […]

by Dean Cook

Does your magazine designer use separate documents to build a magazine?

June 15, 2016

A lot has happened in the production world over the last 10-20 years. Technological advances is just one of them, […]

by Dean Cook

How much does it cost to design a magazine?

May 9, 2016

So, how much does it cost to create, design and produce a magazine? Naturally, this is the most common question […]

by Dean Cook